A system for handling whistleblower reports

Whistlink streamlines the process of managing information from whistleblowers (whistleblowing) by automating the handling of the anonymous whistleblowing channel. It is a tool that helps strengthen a company's compliance system.

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Whistlink as a system for whistleblowers:

Allows for anonymous or open whistleblowing

by whistleblowers in a company - both to employees and stakeholders

Enables reports to be managed and appropriate action

to be taken/responsible persons to be appointed so that a response can be made as quickly as possible

The whistleblower (reporting person) will be notified

of the receipt of the notification sent and the action taken to rectify the irregularity

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What sets Whistlink apart from other systems for whistleblowers:

Whistlink is not only a system for handling whistleblowers. Thanks to multiple streams of information flow (assigning appropriate recipients/departments to specific reports), it can also be used for internal as well as external communication within a company. Thus, for example, it can handle customer complaints or (anonymous or not) communication between employees and the company's management.

Whistlink combines the legal knowledge and many years of experience of the consulting firm Olesiński & Wspólnicy in supporting organizations in ensuring compliance with the law with Deviniti expert competence in IT solutions and application development.

In addition to the tool, we also offer legal services - consultancy and outsourcing services. Pricing is determined on an individual basis.

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Whistlink is a solution for companies that want:

Strengthen and develop the compliance system

Provide an anonymous and secure whistleblowing channel for whistleblowers

Detect irregularities at an early stage and prevent fraud

Avoid or minimise losses caused by dishonest employees or contractors

Benefits of implementing the Whistlink whistleblower system

Whistlink is a secure and easy-to-use system for handling whistleblower reports. It allows you to organise and manage your knowledge of irregularities and ensures transparency in reporting. It strengthens the company's compliance system, thereby reducing the risk of potential penalties.

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